2022.07.05 #News

Taipei Fertility Center / Case Sharing from Singapore

Our 1st child was born via IVF treatment in Singapore and ever since then, we tried to conceive our 2nd child but failed. When we seek for assistance, Dr. Wang's motto "Every cloud has a sliver lining." touched us and it was the main reason that we choese Dr. Wang.


The overall IVF experiences in TFC was much better than the one in Singapore.  Not only the relaxed ambience but the kindness of nurses made the experience pleasant. Dr. Wang is kind and humorous, he treated us more as friends than patients. He would discuss the treatment plan in details with us and encourage us along the way when we underwent treatment.


After tested positive for pregnancy, the IVF treatment ended while we went on another journey. We concerned about going to other clinics for pregnancy checkups as covid-19 went viral. Dr. Wang, with his abundant experiences in Obstetrics and Gynecology, assisted us with the prenatal checkups. 


I would like to encourage couples who are infertile, it is important to support one another during the treatment. Follow the treatment plan and bring up all your inquiries to discuss with your doctor. Stay positive and your baby will arrive in the near future.

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