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Taipei Fertility Center Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting Please be assured that absolutely Taipei Fertility Center respects your right to personal privacy and that we will do our best to protect it. To help you understand how Taipei Fertility Center protects your online rights, please read through the following information carefully :

Privacy Policy Covers

The following Privacy Policy is applicable to the collection, use and protection of all personal information provided when you use the Taipei Fertility Center website, but does not cover other agencies that our website links to. All websites that Taipei Fertility Center website is linked to have their own Privacy Policy, and Taipei Fertility Center website all bear no joint responsibility for these sites. When you connect to these websites, the protection of your personal information is covered by the site's own privacy policy.

Collection of Personal Data

Simply browsing or downloading files from the Taipei Fertility Center website does not result in the collection of personally identifiable data by this website. When using services provided by the Taipei Fertility Center website such as "Registration", "Appointment" and "Line@", as well as participating in online events or surveys, our website will request that you provide relevant up-to-date and accurate personal information such as your name, ID number, telephone number, e-mail and address. This information will only be used for the specified event, or for analysis of user characteristics or academic purposes. This information will not be used for other purposes by this website.

The Taipei Fertility Center website will record information such as visitors' IP address, time spent online and pages viewed. This information is collected for internal use by the Taipei Fertility Center website. The aggregating analysis of website traffic and online behavior is for the purpose of improving our website's quality of service. Taipei Fertility Center website will only analyze the summarized data of all user behavior and not those of individual users. It is the obligation of Taipei Fertility Center website to protect the privacy of each subscriber. We will not modify or delete any personal data or files without your consent.

Use of Cookies

Cookie is a short text data which is transmitted from web server to your browser and stored in the hard disk of your computer. Taipei Fertility Center website use Cookie as a communication and identification tool with you. Our purposes are to understand how you use Taipei Fertility Center website and to enhance the quality of the web services and to improve the security of this website system, so as to provide customized service to deliver advertisements based on your interest and favorite. In addition, in order to calculate the number of visitors and analyze the browsing mode, as a reference for improving this website services, Cookie will be written and read in your browser. Most personal computers or mobile device browsers have an automatic acceptance site for Cookie, if you do not accept your Cookie used by Taipei Fertility Center and want to close it, you may change the cookie settings through the browser you are using. If you choose not to accept or block the cookies on the Taipei Fertility Center website, it may result in the complete inability or only part of the services could be provided by the Taipei Fertility Center website.

Personal Data Use and Transfer

The storage, use, process or international transfer of the personal data obtained by this website is within the specific purposes and the scope of use permitted by the government authority, and is in compliance with the “Personal Information Protection Act”, and its relevant laws. In order to provide comprehensive and integrated services, Taipei Fertility Center website will integrate your personal information and provide you with the latest and adequate treatment information. Meanwhile, this website will endeavor to maintain the security of all personal data with reasonable technology and procedures.

Network Security Protection Measures

Any unauthorized attempt to upload information to the Taipei Fertility Center Website or alter the services or related information provided by the Taipei Fertility Center is strictly prohibited and may violate the law. To ensure the security of the website and the ability of website to continue serving all web users, the following security protection measures are adopted by this website :

  1. Firewalls have been installed to prevent illegal intrusion, destruction or theft of data and illegal uses of the website to protect user rights and interests.。
  2. Anti-virus software has been installed to provide users with a safer browsing environment.
  3. Regular scans are conducted to identify system vulnerabilities and appropriate defensive security measures are carried out if vulnerabilities are found.
  4. Website data is backed up regularly and stored on a backup server.
  5. Security and update alerts from operating systems and application providers are automatically received and suitable recommended patches are installed.
  6. In order to protect your network security, the Taipei Fertility Center reserves the right to change this Security Policy statement as required by technological developments, regulatory changes, or other unforeseen environmental changes. All such changes will be promptly posted on the website.

Contact us

Taipei Fertility Center hereby announces this Privacy Statement in order to protect your data and your rights for privacy. If you have any concerns as to this statement, or how your personal data is collected, used, processed, or should you wish to exercise your rights regarding your personal data, you can contact us at 02-2725 2333, or email

Update: 2020/02/18