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What to do in Taiwan as a local traveler: A Travel Guide

If you're planning a trip to Taiwan and wondering what to do, here are some must-visit destinations and activities to add to your itinerary:

  • Taipei 101 - The iconic skyscraper is a must-visit attraction in Taipei. Go up to the observatory for a stunning view of the city.

  • Night markets - Taiwan is known for its night markets. Visit Shilin Night Market, Raohe Street Night Market, or Ningxia Night Market for delicious street food and shopping.

  • Hot springs - Relax in one of Taiwan's many hot springs, such as Beitou Hot Spring, Wulai Hot Spring, or Jiaoxi Hot Spring.

  • National Parks - Taiwan has nine national parks, each with its own unique landscape and hiking trails. Visit Taroko National Park, Yangmingshan National Park, or Yushan National Park for breathtaking scenery.

  • Cultural attractions - Learn about Taiwan's rich history and culture by visiting places like the National Palace Museum, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, and Longshan Temple.

  • Sun Moon Lake - Take a boat ride or bike around the stunning Sun Moon Lake in Nantou County.

  • Jiufen - This historic town is known for its narrow alleyways, tea houses, and stunning views of the ocean.

  • Kenting - Head south to Kenting National Park for beaches, hiking, and water activities like snorkeling and diving.

  • Taipei Zoo - Visit the Taipei Zoo to see pandas, koalas, and other exotic animals.

  • Tainan - Explore Taiwan's oldest city, Tainan, and visit its many temples, historic sites, and night markets.


With so much to see and do, Taiwan is a fantastic travel destination. Don't miss out on these amazing experiences!


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