2022.07.04 #News

Taipei Fertility Center / Case Sharing from Taiwan

I’m a patient who had one of my ovaries removed. I was diagnosed with the cancer when I was in college. After finishing my whole cancer treatment, my husband and I had started our family-forming plan for 2 years, and got nothing sadly. Then I met Dr. Hu when I was 38. At that time, my AMH value was only 0.3ng/ml because of my age and the lesion caused by chemotherapy before.


During the IVF treatment, I was suggested with 2 options – collecting my eggs by several retrieval surgeries or egg donation. Although I was so anxious, I decided to go for 4 times of egg retrievals without hesitation, and luckily I got 9 eggs collected! Finally, 3 embryos were implanted into my uterus, and I was pregnant successfully with the singleton.


Few months after, I came back to see Dr.Hu with my precious 8-month-old baby. I told my baby that this is the second time he met Dr.Hu. The first time happened in the time-lapse incubator when he is still an embryo. What a strong vitality! It’s such an amazing miracle we won’t ever forget.

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